Below you will find answers to questions such as, ‘How does a rental period work?’ and ‘Can I purchase a garment I have rented?’.  If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us as hello@notsoordinary.se.


Not so Ordinary is a rental service aimed to provide women clothing for all of life’s festivities!

Not so Ordinary is a platform that enables rental through the booking system on our site. We currently offer both delivery and in store pick up.

At check out choose delivery option or store pick up.

Store address:
Åsbogatan 3
503 36 Borås


Our head office in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

The RETHINK store is located in Borås city.


Åsbogatan 3
503 36 Borås

Our garments

We love that you loved a garment so much you want to keep it! But unfortunately, at this point, you cannot keep or purchase an item that is rented. We currently have waitlists for each item that you can register to if you are interested in purchasing a particular item. Please email us at Hello@notsoordinary.com and let us know your name + email and what dress and size you are interested in purchasing.  

To ensure the longevity of each product, our team carefully looks over each item as it is returned.  Our team then evaluate how each item should be treated and cleaned. 
You can help us keep the items in our circle by 1. Letting us know what type stains we are treating. And 2. Being careful (while of course still having fun!) while wearing your items!  

There are different ways to clean and freshen up garments. We use methods such as water cleaning (washing machine), steamer, and when necessary dry clean. 
As a customer by reporting if an accident happened, ex. If red wine was spilled on a dress, we can more easily choose the suitable cleaning program for that particular item and stain, which greatly helps us and our environmental work.
Let us know if an accident happens at hello@notsoordinary.se. 

It’s good to always have an iron or steamer handy. The garment(s) is packed & shipped freshly steamed, but can become wrinkly in the process of getting to you.
Make sure to read the care instructions for the temperature.

Enjoy your occasion and leave the washing to us!  Don’t forget to tagg us, if social media is your thing!

Our NFC chip  

You may not remove the chip under any circumstances. If the chip is removed, fee’s will apply.  

Yes! By holding your phone to the chip and ‘scanning’ it, you will be asked to view the  information in your phone’s web browser, accept by clicking on the link shown on your screen.  

To pick up our products from our pick up location(s), you need to scan the NCF chip and log into your account. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to our “pick up” page.  You en mark the product as “picked up” and if you want to you can add a comment and photo, then click submit.

You can at any time during your rental period scan the chip to share your look with us by submitting a photo or to log into your account.

Anyone can scan the chip. By letting your friend scan the chip, she’ll be able to directly rent the dress by viewing the product page. Sharing is caring!  

  1. You need to book the item in our booking system on our site http://www.notsoordinary.se  before you can scanning and picking i up.
  2. Once at our pick up location, scan the chip on the item that you have booked through our booking system.
  3. Log onto your account. You will be redirected to the pick up page for the specific garment you have scanned.
  4. Click “pick up” and then add acomment and photo if you want, continue by clicking on submit.After clicking submit, you will need to bring the garment to the cashier desk and have them remove the alarm and pack it in a bag for you.On the date of the return, return the item to the cashier.

Stolen, lost & carelessness

If an item is stolen, lost or significant damage, or deemed carelessly used, additional charges will apply. Please read our Terms & Condition.


We understand that renting can feel a little risky because “what if something happens”. But really, we are here to tell you we understand that accidents happen, and that normal wear is part of wearing clothes. To ensure you feel completely comfortable, we offer a coverage to an additional cost. Please read our Terms & Conditions regarding our Coverage


You book your item(s) through our platform. You will then proceed to pick up your rental at our pick up location on the first day of your rental period.
You will return the items(s) on the last day of your rental period. If item(s) are returned late, fees will apply.

You may cancel your order up to 48 hours before your rental period starts.

We have different rental days to choose from. Depending on the number of days you would like to rent a garment, the price will vary.   

If the garment(s) is not received after 5 days after the last return date, the return is considered non-delivery and you will be liable for compensating the amount corresponding to the garment’s original store price including previous delay fees. 

To be eligible for a full refund if a garment does not fit, you will need to try the item(s) on before leaving the store. If you choose to not try on the item(s) before leaving the store, you will be liable to pay the full amount of your rental period.

If the Item does not fit after trying it on in store:
Find store staff and let them know of your issue. They will handle the rest and the full amount will be reimbursed. Please allow 5 bank days for the transfer.


Klarna is a payment service that we use to ensure safe payment. Please read more about klarna here.

Your card will be charged on the day your rental period starts. 

Your refund will be refunded to the payment choice you provided at check out or that is connected to your account. Please allow 5 weekdays for refunds to through.   

 Rental reviews

We look over each review and have to approve them. We look over each review to ensure they follow our guidelines. Please read ‘why my photo might be rejected’ to know more about our guidelines.  

Reviews that generally are not approved include:  

  • Profane, aggressive, or otherwise inappropriate language in general.   
  • Photos in which people are not fully-clothed.  
  • Any photos of children whatsoever (for privacy and safety reasons).  
  • Promotions for, or comparisons with other services or brands.  
  • Contact information or promotional material.  
  • Content that may be detected as spam.  
  • Questions or feedback regarding issues with a specific order or shipping.  

Reviews with information regarding a specific order will not be approved as they are not contributing to the community’s experience or help them with their own orders. We of course want to help with any issues that arose with your order, hear your feedback on your experience etc. Please contact us at Hello@notsooridnary.se.   

We would love for you to share your photo.

You can share your photo with us directly by scanning the chip and uploading your photo through “image upload”. By doing so, you are giving us the rights to use the photo on our website and social channels.

You can also tagg us in your instagram posts @notsoordinary_offical and use the #imnotsoordinary hashtag to share the post with our community!

My account

To be able ti check out and rent our products you will need to have an account with us.

By having your own account, you will be able to save all your information so that the check out process will be easy next time you rent. You will also be able to see current orders.

Go to your “My Account” page, select “My Profile”, then scroll down to update and change your password. To change your email address, please contact us and we’ll update your account. 

If you have forgotten your password. Please follow the instructions after clicking on “forgot my password” on the log in page.  

The account is personal and you my not let anyone else use your account. If you are under the age of 18, you may have a guardian whom will act as a guardian. Please read more in our Terms & Conditions.


Still have questions?

Please contact us at: